Bristol Family Photographer –
Your Family Visual Treasure.

It is so often that only when we look back, do we realize how things have changed. We have changed, the kids have grown, our relationships have evolved.

I want to invite you to slow down a pace with me so together we can be slow and present in the moments that matter the most.

A gift of timelessness.

Upon becoming a parent, you look through the old family photographs a little bit more often.
Finding the similarities and differences and wondering how it used to be for parents a few decades back..with no proper nappies and car seats?

Many things have changed. They are constantly changing and our kids will look back at the photographs with the same sentiment and disbelief for sure. One thing that stays still and will always remain, however, is the
love and affection locked in the photographs once taken.

Just a quick look at your family photograph can bring a little smile and a brief pause in your everyday rush.

It is your own family visual heirloom. Crafted from the here and now and within the place that matters the most – your home.
Embracing ourselves being us.

'Agi, is one of the most personable photographers I have had the privilege of working with. She puts you at ease (...) and you almost for a brief moment feel as though she is seeing life through your eyes. Thank you!'

'Agi came to my home and captured me in my natural habitat, but what she did was more than take my photo, she saw me, not a representation of what she thought I wanted to be or who I should be, but just me. Thank you Agi.'


Printed photographs of a family dancing together by Agi Lebiedz