Agi Lebiedz Photography, mentoring for family photographers

Mentoring For Family Photographers

Are you wondering how to create natural looking family captures or are you thinking of starting your own family photography business but are a little overwhelmed? Or perhaps you need a an advice on one particular topic or looking to refine your business?

Whatever it is, if you are into natural family photography and need a helping hand, you are in the right place.

With 5 years as a leading, successful and sustainable family photography business, this is the place where my two biggest passions merge; my passion for photography and for teaching
I love teaching and helping others in reaching the 'a-ha!' moments, these little nuggets of gold that create that priceless shortcut between where we are and where we want to be.

'I could not recommend her highly enough! Her experience and knowledge left me so inspired and motivated! Thank you, Agi! It was an eye-opener!'

1-2-1 Family Photography Mentoring


Targeted session to cover a topic(s) that you need help with
Portfolio Review

1 hour, Zoom Call, £150


Tailored learning block covering in-depth range of subjects
you need help with.
Portfolio Review

Half Day, £450

The areas we may cover:

Lifestyle Approach, Equipment, Family Photography Posing + Finding Your Voice, Composition and Light, Entire Client Journey, Social Media and Business Coaching,  Editing and Workflow.

Are you ready? I cannot wait to hear from you, Agi x.