Agi Lebiedz looking at her camera, self portrait


I'm Agi

Come in and slow down a pace with me.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

Agi Lebiedz self portrait, Agi is standing with her camera and looking throught the window

I'm Agi and lovely to meet you in my corner of the internet!

I am a lifestyle newborn baby, family and maternity photographer based in Wiltshire. I travel across UK and Europe, meeting my wonderful families and creating natural and timeless memories filled with nostalgia.

When I am not holding my camera, you can find me somewhere with my family around rural Wiltshire, where we moved after living in London for well over a decade.
I can be reading things or thinking things, getting lost within a local antique shops or planning to redecorate our home, again..
I can be also on a country walk or run or sipping a coffee/a glass (or three) of wine with friends.

Here are some places to go next or keep scrolling down to hear more of my story.

In the word of fast forward would love to invite you to slow down a pace with me and create some magic together.

It was a love from the first sight..

I remember when I got my very first point and shoot film camera when I was a teen, my world changed. This little plastic box gave me super-powers. I could freeze today in time..and so I did.
Capturing anything and everything, through a couple of analogue photography schools and it was like a perfect and magical fusion of art and silence (I still remember the smell of all the darkroom ingredients).
...And then the grown-up life started with a 9-5 job and my cameras landed somewhere at the bottom of my desk drawer..

..and the second sight too

...and then my daughter arrived, turning the world upside down and reminding me about that camera buried somewhere in the drawer.

The parenthood journey with all it's fierce and raw emotions, bursting with love, laughter and sometimes tears.
This wild roller coaster with so many answers to each question. A wonderful journey of discovering and learning the world again. Of holding hands.

I knew that these are the stories I want to tell. These stories that matter most.

When Psychology meets Arts..

Photography is so much more than 'work' or 'passion'. It's a switch that just never turns off. It's a force that makes you stop driving to quickly snap something beautiful, it's watching everyday light in awe and it's forever learning, studying, practising.

However, photographing (the actual pressing the shutter) is only a fraction of my work as a photographer.
Because my role as your family photographer is not only to make you all look beautiful but it is to feel safe and comfortable...

And when you and yours meet me

My role as a family photographer is to create a space in which you all feel so good in.
In which you can just slow down, take a deep breath and truly enjoy where you are all right now in time.
We get to know each other before the session and during we talk, we laugh and you'll never hear me asking to 'say cheese.

I am a photographer, I have a degree in psychology and I am a mum.
I often think that the latter taught me the most.

I cannot wait to meet you.

‘Agi creates beautiful images, filled with nostalgia but timeless at the same time. Her focus on the little things reminds us how fleeting time really is.’

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I am photographing families across the UK and Europe and I am so incredibly honored to have my work featured in a number of international publications, as well as in BBC Wiltshire.
My style can be described as natural, honest, timeless and organic. Through my work, I aim to not only document your story, but to convey the magic of your connections, making you all look beautiful, but more importantly, feeling good without the need to say cheese or any awkward poses.
I would love to hear from you!