Agi Lebiedz looking at her camera, self portrait


I'm Agi

After years of working as a family photographer and a photography teacher, I still do an inner happy dance after each wonderful family session. Here you can know me a little more and I cannot wait to get to know you!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

It was a love from the first sight.

I remember when I got my very first point and shoot film camera when I was a teen, my world changed. This little plastic box gave me super-powers. I could freeze today in time..and so I did.
Capturing anything and everything, always.

Agi Lebiedz self portrait, Agi is standing with her camera and looking throught the window

I then learned from the most amazing professors, in a couple of photography schools and it was like a perfect and magical fusion of art and silence and I still remember the smell of all the darkroom ingredients...And then the 'grown-up' life started. I finished Uni and started a 9-5 job and my cameras landed somewhere at the bottom of my desk drawer..

Here are some places to go next or keep scrolling down to hear more of my story.

In the word of fast forward would love to invite you to slow down a pace with me and create some magic together.

..and then my daughter arrived, turning the world upside down and reminding me about that camera buried somewhere in the drawer.

The parenthood journey is wild, filled with love, laughter and tears. Endless dreams.
It is a magical roller coaster with so many answers for each question.
It feels like together we are discovering the world again. Holding hands and telling the bedtime stories.
It is the here and now and your own messy magic which is what I want to tell.
Saved forever in time.
With all of you in the frame, together.

I was born in Poland, my partner in Melbourne and our daughter in London.

To celebrate it I ran 3 half marathons in each of these cities. However, if you met me 10 years ago and told me that that I would be into running, I would probably only then do my very first sprint run - in the opposite direction!

Besides photographing families you can find me somewhere around rural Wiltshire, where we moved after living in London for well over a decade.
On the country walk that is so good for the soul,
or sipping a coffee or a glass (or 3) of wine with friends.
I can browse a local antique shop, flea market or a book shop in a search for the hidden gems (or just to add an extra layer or books on my nightstand table waiting to be finally finished) or I can browse my pockets in a search of keys or gloves that I tend to 'misplace' a little too often..

I am photographing families across the UK and Europe and I am so incredibly honored to have my work featured in a number of international publications, as well as in BBC Wiltshire.
My style can be described as natural, honest, timeless and organic. Through my work, I aim to not only document your story, but to convey the magic of your connections, making you all look beautiful, but more importantly, feeling good without the need to say cheese or any awkward poses.
I would love to hear from you!

''I can't recommend her enough, her sensibility and view of the world are unique and so special!''