The Digital Era

Phone selfies, memory full, countless USB’s and computer files..
It often seems that we are living in the days of a slight visual overload.
A constant stream of images pouring in from all the social media channels and us updating our digital stories.
We have become are more focused and aware as we effortlessly digitally collect memories – I only wish I was able to do, all those years ago (maybe with exception to some of those late late uni parties..) 

Natural Family Photographer

Through the advances in technology, the camera is now not something that is not only dusted out for holidays and birthday parties.
We snap everyday moments, we snap every day – and that is great!
However, often in the search of the Pinterest-like picture pretty moment, the true moment may be lost..
Remember the good old film roll when you had to take a couple of shots before to “get the reel rolling” and then a couple more after to “finish it off”? These often produced some of the most precious and natural shots on the roll. The unscripted moments or just a picture of what was in front of the lens. Natural and beautiful…
      A piece of today to keep forever. The pieces of who we are. The pieces of how complex and amazingly imperfect is life.
I truly believe in the importance of having our “together” moments saved.
It will be the best gift for the generations to come.

So let’s forget about chasing the perfect, slow down the pace and embrace ourselves being us, right now.

girl and her auntie together in a cuddle and smiling to each other
Lifestyle family photographer in Bristol, Agi Lebiedz Photography
Natural family photography in Bristol by Agi Lebiedz
A girl is walking on the bridge in a little Cotsolds village during the misty morning
Natural family photographer in Cotswolds, Agi Lebiedz Photography

Are you thinking about your own natural family photography session?
I would love to hear from you.

Agi x

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