100 Photographers to Watch in 2021

I am so incredibly honoured to announce that my family photography work was chosen for this year’s 100 Female Photographers to Watch in 2021.

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International Photography Award

I am too so touched to read the most beautiful review of my work. For an artist, it feels so unspeakably truly special to read how your work is being received, what emotions it evokes.

‘Agi creates beautiful images, filled with nostalgia but timeless at the same time. Her focus on the little things reminds us how fleeting time really is.’

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Because whenever I pick up the camera, it is not only my camera that documents the moments, it is my entire self submerged in this process/
From the respect of the moment, the acknowledge it’s feel of the significance to a huge honour and a responsibility to look at it and to see it. Conveying all the little flaws. Taming it slowly.
The feel of nostalgia, love and timelessness of our connection is indeed at the very centre of my work and reading these words poured back so much love back into my heart.
I feel very grateful to be amongst all the wonderfully talented woman.
Thank you!

You can access the entire list here.

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