When dreams are turning real..

Growing up, I can’t remember how many times I have heard to “get back from the clouds, get back to reality, stop day-dreaming, stop fantasizing and get on with the ‘real’ life/job”.

Abandon the big hopes and get ready for the “proper” life.
And I did, although I didn’t like it, after years of hearing this advice I felt I didn’t have much choice. So I chose to study Social Psychology, no the Arts of course, as I have to have a proper job right!?

The years and jobs started to pass by, but my mind would not stop racing in my own direction. I would not stop doodling, visiting the museums, absorbing Art and Photography. The camera was always there and in those rare moments, I could feel it, back again. It felt like we belong.

And then my daughter was born. Not only my camera and I started to be more present and with each other, but looking at the little her, I asked myself, do I want her to live a life parallel to her passions? Or expect her the shelve her hopes and dreams in order to toe the line?

Fast forward a few years and after tens of thousands of hours of learning, picking myself up after falling down, tears of joy and frustration, one day just before boarding a plane, my in-box signalled a new e-mail. An invitation.

I am endlessly honoured to be invited to speak at the very first and absolutely mind-blowing Woman in Photography Conference – PHLOCK LIVE, to speak about A journey to You, The Art of Taming the Moment.
I cannot express how grateful I am to be a tiny part of this most amazing event.
The history is happening before us. I hope to see you there.

Love, A x

Agi Lebiedz PHLOCK woman in photography conference
Agi Lebiedz, natural family photographer

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