‘What should we all wear’ is one of the first questions I hear a lot from my clients therefore I have created a special chapter in my Preparation Guide dedicated to this very issue.
But here I’d love to share a few tips that will give you a nice insight on how to compose a cohesive family look. The look that resonates and feels like you and that helps you all look wonderful together.

Before choosing your outfits

What is the most important and what makes you look the best is when you are feeling good and comfortable within yourselves.
There is no point in styling yourself in things you would never normally wear or are not truly you as the way you feel shows through and this is what you will remember looking back at these moments. The way you feel. Each family has its own wonderful style and it is all about documenting you the way you are.
If you wish we can simply fine-tune the details or we can tailor the entire look and it is all good as long you feel good about it. These are your special memories to share of you being you.

Coordinating outfits for Family Pictures

Our outfits have the power of amplifying and setting the mood. You perceive completely differently an image with coordinated tones to the one with everyone going for matchy-matchy (white t-shirts and jeans, for example).
Some clothes may be distracting, some colours may clash but a well-planned colour scheme will not only improve our overall look, sense of style, enhance appearance but will create timeless, calm images.

Coordinating clothes colour palette for Family Photos

Doesn’t matter if your family is big or small, setting the overall colour palette is the key to start. I always recommend for Mum to choose her outfit first (in case she doesn’t have already chosen baby outfit) and start to build the whole family look after.

source: Pinterest

Neutral and Earth Tones Clothes

These are beige, soft cream, brown, muted earthy tones that combine perfectly with blush vintage pink, olive greens, mustard yellow, soft greys and vintage blue and soft pastels, for example.
These tones are perfect as a base or great as a layer to the patterned, floral dress, for example.

During preparation for the family photo shoot, I often have private consultations with my clients and together we select and decide on what to wear for the family session and add extra layers and accessories.

What not to wear for family photographs

Which are the things that we could do without? These will be big logo’s, text or cartoon characters on the t-shirts. These are distracting and naturally take away the focus within the photograph.
Finally – socks! It is incredible how this little detail can change the entire overall look and feel so when having a family photo shoot at home it is always great to ditch them.

Clothes that look good in the Family Photos

As I mentioned at the start, what matters most is the way you feel. It’s not uncommon to want to shop for all new clothes before the photo shoot – and that’s totally fine just keep in mind how it makes you feel. How the fabric works with you and how you feel wearing it and from there we can start building up the family look that will not only look but feel wonderful.

If you want to know more, you can check a few of my Pinterest Boards where I am pinning clothes colour combinations examples and shopping ideas with the links to the (UK) shops.
And if you have any more questions, I am always here to help!

Agi x


What a brilliant and very informative post! Thank you for sharing Agi! X

Thank you so much Marie for your lovely words! I am so happy that I could help! x

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